Better Connected Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate

The Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate area (Cheylesmore area) is one of four areas in Coventry where we are looking at new ways of engaging with the local residents.

On this page you can:

  • find out more about why we are doing this in Cheylesmore area
  • read the full notes from the 22nd June and 5th September 2016 meetings
  • find a list of local social media groups and online community

Why Cheylesmore, Whitley & Stonehouse Estate area?

From previous engagement activities in the Cheylesmore area, it has been evident that the community in the area is very active locally. Community activities in the area reach out to a wide range of groups including young people, senior citizens, new mothers, minority groups and others. The list of organisations below is just an overview of who’s active in the Cheylesmore area.

For this reason the The Partnership for Coventry believe that the Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate area is a good place to work with residents to develop new ways of engaging with the local community.

  • Cheylesmore Community Centre
  • Cheylesmore Good Neighbours
  • Cheylesmore Somali Women’s Association (CSWA)
  • Christchurch
  • Coventry City Council
  • Friends of Quinton Pool
  • Murray Lodge
  • Positive Images Festival
  • St John’s Church
  • West Midlands Police
  • Whitefriars House Group
  • Whitley Community Centre

Where are the opportunities?

Although the existing community organisations in the area are active and have great positive impact on the local communities, they have expressed the need to be more connected with each other. A well connected and informed community will help everyone, save money, time and effort and increase the collective productivity of the organisations.

What are the objectives?

The objective is to have a better connected Cheylesmore area where everyone is aware of what’s going on locally and how and where to get involved. If you have ever thought that somebody should be looking after what you really care about in your neighbourhood, now you can be that somebody. With the help of the community we can make Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate a better place for everyone by…

  • linking up with the different conversations taking place in local neighbourhoods and groups
  • increasing opportunities for collaborative working between communities, the council and other service providers
  • making it easier for you to find out what is going on in the area and how to get involved in what interests you

What has been hapenning?

On the 5th September 2016, a small but very enthusiastic group of local residents and groups looked at online tools and their potential benefits to connect people and organisations together.

Summary of key points from the 5th September meeting:

It has been agreed that the online platform seems to be able to deliver most of the requirements the group identified in the meeting.

Full notes from the 5th September meeting


On the 22nd June 2016, a group of pro-active local community groups, organisations and residents met together and demonstrated that they have Cheylesmore area at heart. A workshop was held at the Cheylesmore Community Centre and the group discussed the existing communication channels, how effective they are and how to build on them and where the gaps and opportunities are?

Summary of key points from the 22nd June workshop:

  • Community groups across Cheylesmorearea are not well connected with each other.
  • Lack of online engagement means there are host of missed opportunities to engage with different people with different interests.

Full notes from the 22nd June workshop


What next?

There are clear opportunities to strengthen the current online engagement in Cheylesmore area. The local online groups listed below are active platforms for local conversations that aim to share knowledge and information, they are also platforms for organising and planning for new local projects and activities. So, feel free to join a relevant group and start a conversation that is of interest to you

There is also an opportunity to develop an one-stop online platform,, to inform residents about what’s going on locally and make it easy for them to participate in what interest them. Information about the platform will be circulated in due course.

We are working together, where everyone is contributing, to make Cheylesmore, Whitley and Stonehouse Estate a better place to live, work and play with recognition that not everyone has access to the internet or is comfortable with using online tools and platforms.

If you’re interested in what we are working towards and want to help spreading the word, we are looking forward to hear from you. Get in touch