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Three Pillars of successful Partnership Working

Posted by Ali Alsaraf   The current financial climate and the challenges faced by the public and community sectors are imposing on us the concept of partnership working. The concept is undoubtedly great, but it should not be imposed, it must be developed; it’s a process. A community often shares a place, values and possibly a vision for its locality. So working in partnership can only make sense, but, what does it mean? How does it works, and how is it governed? Partnership working is becoming a buzz phrase but is it a meaningless cliché? In some cases the bridge between

What could you learn from your neighbours?

  A new major skills-sharing initiative is launching in Coventry this Summer, aiming to connect residents through fun face-to-face learning. But what is skill-sharing all about? Skill-sharing is about creating the opportunity for people to share their skills, experience and insight and to learn from others in return. We believe that our communities are full of skills, experience and insight. Our project is focused on helping to find matches between the skills that people would love to learn, and the skills and insight available in the community. The good news is that there is a “Summer of skill-sharing” coming to