Community Voices = Community Choices #happyhillfields

Hillfields is one of four areas in Coventry where we are looking at new ways of engaging with the local residents.

On this page you can:

  • find out more about why we are doing this in the Hillfields area
  • get feedback from the Hillfields ‘Dream’ Event 17th September, 2016 held at Sidney Stringer Academy


Why do we want to engage with the community in Hillfield?

The main objective of the event at Sidney Stringer academy was to build relationships and engage with Hillfields community using a ‘new method’ a more informal style. The aim of the event was to capture data that will inform the partnership of the main issues that the community face in Hillfields. This will help future decision making and priorities of work. Additionally, to engage ‘active citizens’ who will want to get more involved with community work and move their priorities forward.

Partners involved in engaging with the Hillfields community include:

  • African Caribbean Community Organisation Ltd (ACCOL)
  • Age UK
  • Carriers of Hope
  • Coventry Ethnic Minority Action Partnership (CEMAP)
  • City College
  • Coventry City Council
  • Coventry Law Centre
  • Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre
  • Coventry University
  • Foleshill Women’s Training
  • Gateway
  • Hillfield Children’s Centre
  • Hillz FM
  • Hope Centre
  • Jubilee Christian Church
  • Motorvate
  • Muslim Association
  • NEO
  • Positive Youth Foundation
  • Residents of Hillfields
  • Sidney Stringer Academy
  • Somali Cultural Resource Centre
  • St Peters Centre
  • VAC Voluntary Action Coventry
  • West Midlands Police


Where are the opportunities?

Although the existing community organisations in the area are active and have great positive impact on the local communities, they have expressed the need to be more connected with each other and with the community.  A well connected and informed community will help everyone, save money, time and effort and increase the collective productivity of the organisations.


What are the objectives?

In Hillfields we want to achieve a happy and welcoming community that enables people to have a voice and a choice and become active within their own community to make things happen. So far, a diverse and passionate group of people have developed the overall focus to work on for the Hillfields area which is:

Community Voices = Community Choices #happyhillfields

To help us to inquire into what would need to happen to allow voices to be heard and choices to be made, we talked to a broad range of people in the Hillfields area prior to and at the ‘Dream’ Event under 4 themes:

Leisure and Culture       Pride     Safety       Community

The next exciting stages are when the residents and partners get together to Design how to put things into action in order to Deliver and carry out the plans.


What has been happening?

On the 17th September 2016, a very enthusiastic group of 96 local residents met at Sidney Stringer Academy alongside 30 + representatives from the partners involved. The 4 themes were discussed and feedback was noted in a variety of interesting and effective ways via activities in an appreciative inquiry format. Many residents that attended left their contact detail for future engagement at the Design and Deliver stages.

What next?

The residents that attended the Dream event engaged well and left their details so as to become Active Citizens in the community. The aim of the event was achieved. Now it is important that the Residents and Partners act upon the suggestions from the residents where possible and together help to develop a stronger community in Hillfields via the Design and Deliver next stages.

If you’re interested in what we are working towards and want to get involved, we are looking forward to hear from you. Get in touch