Coventry and Growth: Securing maximum benefit for all

Coventry Partnership hosted a very successful Conference on 12 March 2015 at the Welcome Centre, Coventry.  It was attended by 200 delegates from organisations across Coventry who listened to keynote speakers and attended a variety of workshops.


The Keynote Speakers from the Coventry Partnership Conference from left to right:  Professor Christina Hughes, Jonathan Browning, Sarah Boyle, Jamal Vincent, Sheila Bates, Ken Sloan, Chair of Coventry Partnership and Professor Andrew Oswald.

Coventry Partnership -conference-young-people

Ken Sloan,  Chair of the Coventry Partnership with the group of inspirational children and young people from Sidney Stringer Academy, Corpus Christi, St Patrick’s , St Gregory’s, and St Peter & Paul’s Primary Schools.

Biographies for the keynote speakers who set the scene:

Presentations from:

Inclusive Solutions, a diverse team of experienced educational psychologists and innovative practitioners facilitated a children and young peoples workshop to explore ‘What would make Coventry Great for Young People‘.  Please see the attached graphic which map some of the thoughts and ideas the children and young people expressed on the day.

It was agreed that all the ideas and information gathered at the workshops will be collated and reviewed and at the next Coventry Partnership meeting on the 2 April the Chair will discuss and review with partners the information gathered and decide what next steps will be taken.  The Coventry Partnership is looking for 3 or 4 keys areas of work where they can add value to help and support local people.

For further information please contact the Coventry Partnership on 024 7683 2683/024 7683 4356

Coventry Partnership Conference 2015 on 12 March 2015

‘Coventry and Growth:  Securing maximum benefit for all’ 

The purpose of the Conference:  Is to examine what partners can do to ensure that all the people of Coventry are in a position to benefit from growth by creating the right conditions for them to flourish.

The Keynote Speakers are:

  • Jonathan Browning – Chairman of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Professor Andrew Oswald – University of Warwick
  • Professor Christina Hughes – University of Warwick

The Workshops are:

  • ‘Bridging the skills gap’
  • ‘Getting people into good jobs”
  • ‘Improving health and reducing inequalities’
  • ‘Mobilising communities to secure good growth’
  • ‘Research for the Public Good – how can Coventry benefit from university research?’
  • ‘Purposeful Collaboration in Widening Participation:  Building Partnership Working’