Employment, Skills & Financial Inclusion

The Employment, Skills and Financial Inclusion Network brings together key organisations and stakeholders to support employment, skills and financial inlcusion by developing strategies to delivering the key priorities of "getting people into good jobs" and "Raising Incomes and Financial Inclusion" by increasing the employability and capability of local people, particuarly the most disadvantaged.

Police and Crime Board

The Police and Crime Board works on behalf of the Coventry Partnership to reducing crime, protecting communities and support victims and businesses.

Communications Group

For the first time, the Coventry Partnership's Communications Group brings together communication officers and managers from across the city. It acts on behalf of the Coventry Partnership to facilitate and encourage co-ordination of communications across the city.

Local Public Service Board

The Coventry Local Public Service Board works on behalf of the Coventry Partnership to deliver positive change within the City and to improve quality of life for all.

Partnership for Coventry

It is with pleasure that the partnership is pleased to announce that Ken Sloan, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer for The University of Warwick has agreed to continue to be Chair for a second year, from September 2015 to August 2016.