Partnership for Coventry

Chair of the Partnership for Coventry – Ken Sloan

It is with pleasure that the partnership is pleased to announce that Ken Sloan, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer for The University of Warwick has agreed to continue to be Chair for a second year, from September 2015 to August 2016.

The University has strong links with the City and has a wealth of knowledge and learning to share. During Ken’s first year the University has worked with all Coventry Partnership members to address the identified priority of “Growing the City and Tackling Poverty” and will continue to do so.

Work will focus around 4 areas; these being:

  • Getting people into good jobs 
  • Raising incomes and financial Inclusion 
  • Early action and communities 
  • Better understanding and evaluation 

Ken, will work closely with Coventry City Council, public, private, community and voluntary sector partners, including: Coventry University; Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce; West Midlands Police; DWP; West Midlands Fire Service; Representatives of the Community and Voluntary Sectors and Coventry and Rugby Commissioning Group, to collaboratively address issues affecting the city and developing potential solutions.

Ken will also sit on the Coventry Local Public Service Board.

To find out more: Registrar’s Office

Partnership for Coventry

At the Partnership for Coventry meeting in June 2015  it was acknowledge that the partnership has achieved a great deal over the last year, despite continued changes and will look to re-shape and adapt as necessary.  These changes, along with the austerity measures means stronger emphasis is being placed on partnership working.  The way partners work together has been more flexible, proactive and adaptive and this means the Partnership will work to its strengthens, look at new delivery models and look to widen its networks and improve engagement.

The Coventry Local Public Service Board (CLPSB) will provide strategic direction and strengthen links to other strategic partnerships.  There will be two mini-conferences each year where the wider Coventry Partnership will have the opportunity to meet.  They will focus on learning, sharing knowledge and understanding the views of wider partners.