Employment, Skills & Financial Inclusion

The Employment, Skills and Financial Inclusion Network brings together key organisations and stakeholders to support employment, skills and financial inlcusion by developing strategies to delivering the key priorities of “getting people into good jobs” and “Raising Incomes and Financial Inclusion” by increasing the employability and capability of local people, particuarly the most disadvantaged.

Network Objectives:

The group will work with other partners and stakeholders to:-

  • Support people to develop the capabilities to access jobs and ensure local people benefit from the growth of the sub-region and increase their household income.
  • Provide appropriate guidance and support, with additional support for disadvantaged individuals, to reduce the number of people claiming Jobs Seekers Allowance and other out of work benefits.
  • Improve people’s financial position to reduce child/family poverty, reduce health inequalities and increase equality of opportunity.
  • Increase entrepreneurship and social enterprise within Coventry and Warwickshire to reduce barriers to growth.
  • Addressing issues of in-work poverty and financial literacy and access to money and debt advice.

April 2015 – The work of the Financial Inclusion Forum was reported to the Economy, Learning, Skills and Employability Group, but as the work of both groups tended to overlap it was agreed that they should merge.

The following documents are available as readable/downloadable files.

Employment, Skills and Financial Inclusion terms of reference