Local Public Service Board

The Coventry Local Public Service Board works on behalf of the Coventry Partnership to deliver positive change within the City and to improve quality of life for all. The priorities for the Partnership for September 2014 to August 2015 are: Growing the City and Tackling Poverty.

The key areas of focus will be:

  • Getting people into good jobs.
  • Raising Incomes and Financial Inclusion
  • Early Action and Communities
  • Better Understanding and Evaluation.

Its main functions are:

  • To oversee performance of public services in the city and explore opportunities for increased value for money by provision of shared or joint services
  • To Identify key emerging issues for the city and make recommendations to the Coventry Partnership and its constituent partnerships/groups regarding strategic responses
  • Intervene to tackle blockages to service improvement or progress of objectives
  • Negotiate changes to services which might better deliver outcomes for Coventry people